Rex and Ansley got married on October 7th, 2023, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. From the moment they saw each other at the altar, it was evident that this couple was so in love. Their eyes sparkled with joy and their smiles never seemed to fade. Throughout the evening, they shared tender glances and affectionate gestures, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind about the depth of their love.

Their love was a force to be reckoned with, and their wedding was a true reflection of their vibrant personalities. Rex & Ansley are the kind of couple that reminded everyone that love doesn't have to be serious all the time – it's okay to laugh, be silly, and embrace the utter ridiculousness of being head over heels for someone. Their love is a delightful blend of wit, charm, and a whole lot of laughter, and their journey together will be nothing short of a riotous adventure.